Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big News For the Head of the Haus

April was quite the month! To start things off, the Hubs has been spending the greater part of the year studying for the CPA exam. I love the kid, but maybe this wasn't the best time to decide to conquer the accounting world. For those of you who don't know, (and well let's face it, why would you?) in order to pass the CPA, you must complete all four sections of the test in 18 months. Otherwise, God for bid, you must retake the tests that have "expired" in that time frame. Well my hubby must love to live on the edge because he not only has he already taken three out of the four exams and passed them the first time, but he decided to schedule the very last test for one day prior to the others expiring. Yep, you could say he's a bit of a dare devil (or I'd like to say a procrastinator in this case)!

So as if our life wasn't thrilling enough with a move across country, a new job, building a new home, and having a baby all in a year...this guy decides that his wife must be bored or something and books the test in the middle of busy season, April 5th to be exact. (Basically January-May every year for those of you who have normal, fun jobs!) Oh no! It couldn't have been at the beginning of busy season, when things were starting off slowly and he only had to work 10 hours of overtime each week. And well of course, it couldn't have been at the end of busy season when all of his major accounts were wrapping up. Nope! My prince charming likes to keep it spicy! He decided to book it 10 days before taxes are due and right in the heart of body season. Okay yes, I know I sound like I am harping on this love of mine. However, what it all boils down to is that we just miss him when he's gone! Brady misses fun Daddy time and all the laughter it entails. And well, I miss seeing him when the sun is up among other things.

But really this guys deserves a medal (or 12 beers which I am sure he'd rather!) because he worked 10 hour days and then came home and studied for the last test. He woke up early on the weekends and booked it to the library for a full day of cramming. And man, how hard that must have been to be away from Brayden during all those hours. I know I couldn't have done it! This went on for three months! We barely saw the guy!

Well on the morning of the test, John seemed nervous but ready. There was nothing more he could do at that point but go in there and give it his all. Of course I told him he better call me the minute he was done and let me know how he did. I must have checked my phone 100 times before getting the call that Thursday from him. He said he was unsure of how he did and that he thought it really could go either way. We waited for the test results for weeks and John got word that they would be posted May 7th. For the week leading up to him finding out his CPA destiny, John checked the website everyday. But nothing. I guess he had an instinct they might be posted early because on May 6th, as his parents were visiting from California, John checked the website again. And with great delight in the middle of the family room he cut off all other conversation, and yelled with glee, "I PASSED!"

Everything stopped for that moment as we all gathered our pride to congratulate the new CPA! We all hugged and kissed and sat in pure joy to relish this monumental time for our family and John. I have had many moments over the years where I have been very proud of John, but this one ranks among the top! He never stops to amaze me and I couldn't be happier for him! And with that, we were in the car with his mom, off to buy champagne to celebrate his special news! Cheers to you Hubby, we are all so proud of you!

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