Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big News For the Head of the Haus

April was quite the month! To start things off, the Hubs has been spending the greater part of the year studying for the CPA exam. I love the kid, but maybe this wasn't the best time to decide to conquer the accounting world. For those of you who don't know, (and well let's face it, why would you?) in order to pass the CPA, you must complete all four sections of the test in 18 months. Otherwise, God for bid, you must retake the tests that have "expired" in that time frame. Well my hubby must love to live on the edge because he not only has he already taken three out of the four exams and passed them the first time, but he decided to schedule the very last test for one day prior to the others expiring. Yep, you could say he's a bit of a dare devil (or I'd like to say a procrastinator in this case)!

So as if our life wasn't thrilling enough with a move across country, a new job, building a new home, and having a baby all in a year...this guy decides that his wife must be bored or something and books the test in the middle of busy season, April 5th to be exact. (Basically January-May every year for those of you who have normal, fun jobs!) Oh no! It couldn't have been at the beginning of busy season, when things were starting off slowly and he only had to work 10 hours of overtime each week. And well of course, it couldn't have been at the end of busy season when all of his major accounts were wrapping up. Nope! My prince charming likes to keep it spicy! He decided to book it 10 days before taxes are due and right in the heart of body season. Okay yes, I know I sound like I am harping on this love of mine. However, what it all boils down to is that we just miss him when he's gone! Brady misses fun Daddy time and all the laughter it entails. And well, I miss seeing him when the sun is up among other things.

But really this guys deserves a medal (or 12 beers which I am sure he'd rather!) because he worked 10 hour days and then came home and studied for the last test. He woke up early on the weekends and booked it to the library for a full day of cramming. And man, how hard that must have been to be away from Brayden during all those hours. I know I couldn't have done it! This went on for three months! We barely saw the guy!

Well on the morning of the test, John seemed nervous but ready. There was nothing more he could do at that point but go in there and give it his all. Of course I told him he better call me the minute he was done and let me know how he did. I must have checked my phone 100 times before getting the call that Thursday from him. He said he was unsure of how he did and that he thought it really could go either way. We waited for the test results for weeks and John got word that they would be posted May 7th. For the week leading up to him finding out his CPA destiny, John checked the website everyday. But nothing. I guess he had an instinct they might be posted early because on May 6th, as his parents were visiting from California, John checked the website again. And with great delight in the middle of the family room he cut off all other conversation, and yelled with glee, "I PASSED!"

Everything stopped for that moment as we all gathered our pride to congratulate the new CPA! We all hugged and kissed and sat in pure joy to relish this monumental time for our family and John. I have had many moments over the years where I have been very proud of John, but this one ranks among the top! He never stops to amaze me and I couldn't be happier for him! And with that, we were in the car with his mom, off to buy champagne to celebrate his special news! Cheers to you Hubby, we are all so proud of you!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Brady Bear!

Oh sweet child of mine! We'll ours I should say! He's growing by the minute and changing right before our eyes. I can't believe that this sweet baby boy of mine (I mean ours again!) is already four months old! Oh, boy (literally)!

I reflect back on our lives pre baby and think,"Wow, I can't even remember what life was like without the little guy." And yes, as most first time mommies would say, "He's absolutely perfect!" Well, who am I kidding? But in all reality, he is a pretty easy baby.

One of the main reasons I wanted to start this blog was to record all the sweet moments in OUR (see I'm getting the hang of it) Brady boy's life before I forget or have another kid. So here goes, some of the wonderful things this little one is doing these days.

As for stats, he's 15 pounds 5 ounces (50 percentile), 26.5 inches long (95 percentile), and has a head circumference of 43 centimeter (80 percentile). And yes, his daddy is mighty proud of that 95 percentile on height! He's hoping for a NFL quarterback!

He just started eating oatmeal as seems to be really liking it. Although the first few go-arounds were not so pleasant. Most of his meal ended up on his bib and he resembled somewhat of a college frat boy trying to swallow Taco Bell after a long night at the bars, forgetting how to use their formal eating skills yet still trying to get as much in their mouths as humanly possible.

Brady is occasionally rolling over from tummy to back, however there are days and even weeks in-between each monumentous events. I am happy to say that both mommy and daddy have witnessed this epic milestone, but not simultaneously.

And the laughs, the sweet sound of a baby laughing for the first time. I have to say it is the most wonderful, magnificent, and precious sound I have ever heard. It's not a long belly laugh, but more of a raspy chuckle. He loves to silent laugh with a smile so big he can't get a sound out. It's absolutely the BEST!

And boy is he just the most social little butterfly! He loves to be talked to, held, snuggled, and loved on. He truly is a combination of his mommy and daddy! I am surprised that between the two of us, he gets a word in edgewise. But that little man fits right in! He's a talker! Whether it's small coos to big excited screams, this baby talks! He has so much to say! And as much as I try to talk back to him, I am constantly wondering what he is trying to say! Probably, "Hey Mom, stop making such silly faces at me! You're already embarrassing me!"

All in all, he is very mellow and happy. He's in love with his hands and putting everything in his mouth. He sleeps like a log, rarely ever fusses, has the most gorgeous rockstar hair and deep blues eyes, and means everything to these two madly in love parents! We are truly blessed and loving every minute of our precious baby boy's life!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is

February...aww the month of love and celebrating Valentine's Day with the ones who mean the most to you. However in our house, February is the month where John travels for weeks in a row and the Babe and I miss him terribly. So as Johnny was working in the glorious towns of Riverton, Wyoming and Minot, North Dakota (yes, those are actual places) we were booking our flights out West and headed for my home town of Danville to visit the other loves of my life!

As normal new mom protocol might have it, I stressed about traveling alone for the first time with a three month old since the second we officially booked out flights. I even went as far as confiding in the advice from other moms on Facebook to get tips and tricks for traveling with a little one alone. If you were to see the crazy things I googled in the middle of the night, you would think I was psycho, paranoid, and down right insane! (And I have to admit it's true, My name is Katie and I am suffering from new mom syndrome. Isn't the first step admitting you have a problem?) From what to pack, to the logistics of breast feeding on a plane, you name it, I researched it. I had every possible scenario covered, or so I thought. How would I drag two suitcases, a stroller, a diaper bag, and a baby? I had it DOWN!!! From unprepared blow-outs to spurts of random hunger, I had contemplated every single detail of every problem and mapped it all out in my head.

And of course the one thing I hadn't prepared for happened!!! The one thing I couldn't research or ask advice about. EVERYONE OFFERING TO HELP! What? Is it true? Could this be that I was prepared for every possible hiccup and I wasn't prepared for people wanting to help? How sad is that?

As we ventured through security I was greeted with the wonderful help of two TSA men who were more than accommodating! The told me that all I needed to do was hold the baby and they would take care of the rest! What? But I had a plan! I had been going through this over and over again in my head to impress those behind me and let them know that I was Super Mom! (Which I know is not a reality, but the A type personality in me will always try.) I wanted the people behind me to think, "Wow, I did get in the right security line after all!" Contrary to George Clooney's advice in the movie Up in the Air, that you should never get in line behind elderly people or people traveling with children through security! Well, these two men took care of everything from breaking down the car seat and stroller to practically putting my shoes back on for me! I didn't see that one coming!

As we checked in at the gate, I was told there were only 40 people on the plane and we could have a whole row to ourselves!!! Bonus! A WHOLE row!!! And in keeping with our perfect traveling trip, Brady was the happiest baby on the plane! Not a peep except the occasional "googoo" and "gaagaa" as he hammed it up for all the grandparents on the plane who drooled over him. What a peach! Add it to the never ending list of why I love that cute little baby so much!

All in all our trip was absolutely fabulous! (Although, I'm sure my mom and Larry were happy to reclaim their space after our baby geared invaded their house like termites in a matter of two seconds!) We spent time with friends and family! It was just so refreshing to see new and old faces and to show off our little man to everyone! And even though we missed Valentine's day with the Hubs, we got to spend the week with the other loves in our lives! 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year, A New Blog!

Happy New Year's Eve to all! Naptime at our house has become the time in which I try to do something productive, well productive and semi-quiet; fold the laundry, do the dishes, pay the bills, prep dinner. The list of chores seems to be never ending. And quite honestly as productive as I wish I was, sometimes naptime for the baby, becomes naptime for the mommy too. However, today during this coveted time in our household, I sat down on the couch with John, determined to write out our New Year's resolutions before night fell upon us and I was asleep 30 seconds into the infamous Time Square Countdown from New York!

Among the list of eating healthy, exercizing more, and volunteering, was something that I have been wanting to do for years. Start a blog! So here I am! This past year has been too memorable not to want to write about and share with the ones we love. It was full of firsts, new adventures, new additions, and wonderful blessings! 2011 has treated us very well and here I am trying to catch up on the past, before 2012 arrives with what the New Year has to offer us! So bare with me as I reflect upon 2011!

In October of 2010, John was offered a job here in Denver that was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. Our mentality was, if we hate Colorado, then we can always move back to California. So without much notice, we up and moved to Denver in pursuit of something different, a new adventure, and a new life. I must really trust my husband, because without ever visiting Denver in my life before, (much less the state of Colorado!) we packed up our belongings into a U-Haul and headed out East! John's parents were kind enough to join us on our journey which took two and a half days to drive. (Really, I think they wanted to make sure that we were safe and if we wanted to turn around and come right back, they were there to support us!)

It was an amazing journey. Just John and I in the car for hours on end. We were excited to not only see the beautiful countryside as we drove through, but what Colorado had to offer. Seeing the apartment we rented out online finally in person, what Colorado would be like, those gorgeous Rockies we've seen pictures of, and if we'd like it or not.

Luckily, we LOVED it! John loves his new job working in Denver and we really enjoy all of the people we have met here. Everyone is so friendly! So in effort to plant some roots and watch them grow, we decided to build a house in February 2011. Which couldn't have come at a better time because we found out shortly thereafter that we were going to need the extra room. We were expecting!!!

We moved into our new home in Aurora, Colorado on May 27th and have been enjoying decorating and calling it home ever since. Of course with the baby on the way, I'm not sure if it was decorating or more of pure nesting! Trying to get the nursery ready for our precious baby boy, making sure there was a snuggly rug over our hard wood floors for him to play on, cleaning and organizing ever room, closet, and cupboard about a 1,000 times over just to make sure everything was perfect upon his arrival.

Boy was that short lived! Brayden James Readler arrived on October 25, 2011 at 11:37 am (more about that later) and my life has been everything but organized since! All of the "you have to have this or else you won't survive" gear has taken over our new house! But to be honest, it's all worth it. I couldn't be more in love with our little man. He's perfect in every way and I find myself spending hours just staring at him. He's now 9 and a 1/2 weeks old and I can't remember what life was like without him. Motherhood is simply the best!

Needless to say, this New Year's Eve is being spent in a very different way from the past ten years. No big countdown parties in San Francisco. no dancing all night in my 4 inch stilettos, no catching cabs and coming home when the sun comes up. No my friends, times have changed!! Instead I plan on being cozied in with my two favorite boys in the world, fireplace on, wearing Uggs and my favorite oversized sweater, and sipping (instead of chugging) a glass of champagne! Cheers to you all and may 2012 be as amazing as 2011 was for us!